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    Open letter from Alex Yagolnik

    Monday, March 26, 2018
    Today Adobe announced the discontinuation of Business Catalyst platform with an End of Life on March 26th 2020. Learn our plan for migrating the Business Catalyst sites.

    Dear Business Catalyst partners,

    Some of you may have noticed that starting last week we stopped accepting new projects for development on Business Catalyst CMS. We are sorry for not giving you a real reason due to an earlier (NDA).

    As you may have heard already, today Adobe announced the discontinuation of Business Catalyst platform with an End of Life on March 26th 2020.

    This was very shocking news to us and I am sure to you as well. The platform, despite its flaws, provided a great solution to small online businesses and was a unique solution that had it’s niche in the market.

    And now, hundreds of thousands of sites would need to be transferred to other systems in just a matter of 2 years. This is not to mention that thousands of businesses built their services exclusively around the platform, our business is not the exception.

    We have been a partner for exactly 9 years now, members of Partner Advisory Board, developed 1282 projects on BC, 4 BC apps, created a one-of-a-kind template solution exclusive to BC and it’s very sad for me personally to see all of this work go down the drain... unless it won’t!

    The Business Catalyst Partner community was the strongest side of the platform. Despite all the hardships and challenges the BC Community continued to add significant value to the CMS. I would like to personally thank every partner who contributed their time, energy and resources to improve, extend and grow the potential of BC.

    From the very start, our company was all about serving you and the BC Community, with every service and every product we offered. We want to contribute everything we can to the cause (and we already started to) to help our customers, first of all, as well as every partner out there to define the best alternatives with a smooth and reliable migration process.

    Our goal is to offer you a solution that would turn this “set-up” into opportunity to grow your business beyond the limits you had with BC.

    While the timing of announcement is quite unexpected to say the least and the date of the EoL could have been better for many partners, the end of Business Catalyst era was becoming more and more obvious for most of the community during the last years.

    Due to success of our template solution, in January 2017 we made a strategic decision to have a “spare” CMS that would fit our clients' needs in case something bad happens.

    We conducted research to define the best alternative to Business Catalyst CMS both for our template solution and hundreds of BC projects that we have developed for Code Production customers and we had found one… well thought we did...

    … until Adam Broadway (co-founder of BC, architect of the Web App engine) reached me out presenting Platform OS (aka Near Me) - a new system he developed after leaving BC in 2013.

    Please, join us at BC Sandpile meeting tomorrow, where we will share the first results of our work on Platform-OS and one of their very first Partners to do so!

    Alex Yagolnik
    Founder at Code Production

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